CMWC 2022 Proposal

This is a revised, shortened version of the original proposal presented to the IFBMA by Victor and the team presenting the bid to host CMWC 2022 in NYC.

To the messenger community and IFBMA,

As of the beginning of March, there was no plan for a cycle messenger world championship. Bogotá dropped out in September 2021, and then so did Chicago. For whatever reason, no city came forward between September and March with a bid proposal. New York City is stepping up to make it happen.

Our aim is to:

  1. Crown cycling messenger champions, in respective fields
  2. Get opening proposals for CMWC 2024 so they can be voted on in Yokohama
  3. Get bidding for the North American cycle courier championship in North America in 2023

Proposed Dates

what we have now is Labor Day weekend

? the first Saturday of September (Sept 2, 3, 4, 5) 5.5 months from now

If the dates are a big issue, we’ll move the event to last Saturday in October (28, 29, 30, 31), Halloween weekend which is 7 months from now


We are in the process of getting paperwork for the course.

We have a few locations; our main hope is for a course in the Red Hook section of Brooklyn. We are in touch with the community board for that area (CB6). 

Red Hook Mutual Aid will be our liaison for this neighborhood 

Our backup plan is the course in Bushwick, Brooklyn, which is generally where the NACCC 2016 happened (IFBMA has further info).


As far as sponsors, we are mainly looking for financial sponsors. 

We have two tier-one sponsors already. We can’t discuss the specifics but the IFBMA council has that information and has verified it. We have a WTF sponsor, so all the women, trans and femme competitors will not have to pay for registration. This might be a first in a championship event, but it’s one way to try to include more diverse participation.

We are confident about getting product sponsors, so we’re leaving that as that.

Our resume

NYC organizes a few events annually: Monstertrack, July 4th alleycat, Halloween Alleycat, the various Track or Die Alleycats. We have in the past organized the Warriors Fun Ride, NACCC 2016, and worked with other events like Bike Film Festival to make shit happen. The organizing crew has decades of experience.

Entertainment and Venues

As far as entertainment and venues, we will hire 



We’re renting a whole building for that situation

(everything is tentative until it’s made official)

Our social media

Instagram @cyclemessengerchamponship



Concerns that have been brought up

To this end, there have been a lot of questions concerning the event:

  • 6 months is not enough time

We think NY has the resources to pull this off. We have experience and expertise in organizing events. It’s not our first event. Also, no alternative time frame has been offered or suggested. We’re so early in the process the date can also be changed and moved further back if it makes anyone feel better. But we think an event in early September would be our number one preference.

  • The bidding process question 

After doing research we have come back with what closely resembles our situation, and set a precedent 

In 2000, Boston was supposed to host the CMWC but after problems arose (concerning course permits) the race/event was transferred to Philadelphia.

It should be noted that precedent has been set that should only one city propose for a given CMWC, they will “win” by default (barring withdrawal of their proposal).

Although this statement is about proposals two years leading to a CMWC, it closely matches the situation we are in now. Nothing in the bidding process predicts multiple years of the CMWC being postponed and cancelled. Since there is no information anywhere about cancelled/postponed CMWC, we think it’s best to do the best we can with the information we have.

As far as voting, there is nothing to “officially“ vote about. There is only one city bidding. You can’t have a vote with only one city. and you can’t have a vote against a city. Never been done. It would also contradict the part where the IFBMA is supposed to “realize an annual CMWC.” I don’t think anyone is against having the CMWC – they are questioning the timing and bidding process. That alone is not a strong reason NOT to have a CMWC. Especially (like we said before) when there is a good chance of it happening. This you can refer to the statement about “only one city.”

Hopefully, this cleared up a lot of questions, we look forward to hearing from you soon.

Questions and comments can be directed ideally to the thread posted in the post on the IFBMA facebook page, on the IFBMA instagram page, or if social media isn’t an option, directly to Victor at