Statement of Purpose

The bicycle messengers of San Francisco have organized to carry out the arrangement of the 1996 Cycle Messenger World Championships (CMWC) in San Francisco during Labor Day weekend 1996. Our drive to bring about this event is grounded in the goals of the International Federation of Cycle Messenger Couriers (IFCMC):

We hold the spirit of the CMWC in high regard and have pledged ourselves to the creation of a professional quality event. Our goal is simple: to celebrate the culture of the cycle courier by bringing together those from all over the world who throw a bag over their shoulder and brave the steel pulse of the city streets for meager means and many thrills in the continued camaraderie that began in Berlin four years ago. We are preparing to offer the 1996 participants a safe, exciting and fun environment to celebrate our worldwide community.

We would like to preserve and enhance the friendship and camaraderie established at previous CMWC's. San Francisco messengers feel a strong sense of gratitude to our brother and sister messengers from all other countries, and we hope to provide them with the same hospitality and happiness which we have enjoyed.

Messengers in San Francisco feel our city offers the possibility for CMWC '96 to be one of the best. Berlin's, London's and Toronto's CMWC's have laid the necessary foundation to allow successive CMWC's to occur and for the continual advancement of the profession of the cycle courier.

We invite constructive ideas and advice from prior organizers.