Guidelines IFBMA forums.

This Online forum is the extension of the Open forums held at any Cycle Messenger Championships world wide.
We started moderating the Open Forums in Bremen to a format where people present ideas and briefly react to items.
For deeper discussion we would like you to do that here on the online forums so everyone can follow and add to ideas and discussions.
This old style forum should replace heavy discussions at multiple social media platforms. Which makes everything harder to follow.

We do not allow any abuse on this forum.
We do not allow any personal attacks.

We are looking to improve this forum. This is just a start
This forum and the IFBMA website is held on servers owned by a member of our own community.

Please add anything else so we can update general guidelines for using this forum.


  • Had a chat with Yogi earlier and he will be looking at the AwareMess guidelines for guidance on setting up official behaviour rules for this forum.
    But yeah, the usual no abuse, no personal attacks, no shaming will defo apply.
  • Please note the @ function of you want to direct a message or reply to a specific post
  • I'd like to also encourage something that @fessor_Pro mentioned in an earlier comment on a separate thread.

    It can be difficult to know who anyone is on this forum. Both because of the ambiguity around most folks' usernames as well as the often lack thereof a profile photo. Granted these photo thumbnails are small anyway but anything helps.

    Just as a note, consider a username and photo that is easily recognizable as you. If you wanna cruise incognito I can't stop you but it helps to know who is who.

    Friendly PSA from your friend Dave Yoha.
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