How are you? :D


  • Hey! I am amazing! You?
  • I'm good! Miss all of you guys
  • Hello! I miss everybody too ❤️
  • 💕👍🏻
  • Hello, I’m Jean Andre Vallery the founder of the BMEF.
    I’m looking to contact an old messenger that worked decades ago.
    Her name is Janeane Marie Garofalo
    The only contacts I have from the past is Mike Dee an Hodi
    My current treasurer is Lucas Brunell
    Leigh in Toronto
    Please forward this.
    It’s regarding the future of the Bicycle Messenger Emergency Fund.
    I have stage 4 terminal liver cancer that has spread through my body into my lymph nodes. I’m not doing any type of treatment. I’ve decided to allow it to take it course. I haven’t a timeline for the end ride so I’m just waiting.
    My Twitter handle is @JeanAVallery I’m living with my daughters family in West Point, Virginia
    Thank you in advance
    Jean Andre Vallery
    Apalachee Indian
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