Tips of lucrative businesses that still need quick A-B deliveries

Hello. I'm starting a thread here where we can share tips of companies who might be good clients

My first suggestion is Bloomberg, which must be present in many cities globally.

In Stockholm we do deliveries for them with hardware for the financial sector (keyboards with built in software and algorithms for buying and selling). Always urgent, always short runs (at least in Stockholm where there is a very compact financial district) and pretty well paid.

If they're not your client already, then make it happen. Feel free to refer to the Stockholm branch, where we have a very well working and appreciated business relationship


  • I'll throw another one in there, just to see if I can get this going

    Our biggest client atm is a plumbing supply chain. The plumbers don't want to give up their parking spot so they order the stuff they need to be delivered. Always urgent, sometimes big, sometimes small.. The plumbers are always super grateful they are used to slow deliveries by car. If you have cargo bikes, then this should be something you should look into. If it doesn't exist already in your city, then make it happen. We make good money out of this! The plumbers are not too sensitive about price since they will hand over the cost to their client.
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    Interesting thread! Thanks for that!

    In Bern, Switzerland, about half to two thirds of our jobs are ordered by medical clients. Mostly jobs from doctors/hospitals to labs or the other way. Very often also emergencies, sometimes directly from the operating/surgery rooms. We also ride for various dental laboratories.

    Throughout Switzerland, there is a network (Swissconnect) to which bicycle courier companies (or taxis in small towns) are connected in every town. With this network, we send shipments by train throughout Switzerland and are unbeatable in terms of time. A much-used service by solvent clients (laboratories, hospitals, spare parts for lifts, etc.), but challenging to set up & maintain.

    At holiday times, we collect luggage from all over the city and send it throughout Switzerland in cooperation with Swiss Railways.

    As Bern is also the capital of Switzerland with many consulates and embassies, we handle many (urgent) VISA stories.

    We also run our own food platform (Schnellerteller), deliver many medicines for pharmacies, coffee from coffee shops, many flowers, mail for companies in the morning & evening, etc. - these shipments are not extremely lucrative, however, but provide a stable basic workload.

    In the end, we are also a very personal, friendly service business. We do almost everything and our luck is that we are very well connected in Bern and people know us.
  • I love this thread thanks!

    Will definitely check out the plumber lead haha.

    For my little company in NYC we have a lot of business to business but do very little with medical/dental.

    We service printers, fashion, perfume, architects, home design, construction, freelance photo and writing, light bulbs.
    One of our bigger clients is a huge wine store, we deliver a lot of their single bottle jobs.

    We also get a fair amount of 'cash' jobs from people who find us thru google search.

    Basically a lot of random companies that need physical stuff delivered same day.

    The corona virus more than halved our business and things are slowly starting to pickup.

    We recently have been contracting jobs from an eco conscious company that prefers to use bike messengers/foot messengers when possible. They are based in London and actually asked me if I have contacts for similar courier companies in European and US cities.

    I'm planning to start another thread where people can list their company info and delivery area for possible client sharing across the globe.

  • Our biggest post-covid boost has been B2C stuff - bookstores, coffee roasters, fashion brands, shoes stores, etc etc. It isn't rush but there's been good volume, mass pick ups of many deliveries which fill in the gaps between our more rush deliveries. We've also picked up a lot of interstore/stock management deliveries through getting this work.
    We've also been doing a lot of deliveries of computer equipment from businesses to people working from home.

    Plumbing is super interesting! Have you reached out to companies? It's like.. people on jobs who need a specific part from a warehouse/store?
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