infrastructure to pass on to future cmc‘s

what infrastructure and surroundings could be passed on to the upcomming cmc‘s host city?

good example is that basel gathered tents/pavilions and passed them on to bremen.

i reached out to the website developer if he could pass on his work so that someonelse can put in new content and design.. it was a money thing and didn‘t happend.

if bremens website could be migrated to budapest, i still think it‘s an easyier job to fill it with new content than starting from scratch… if you don‘t find a professional or cannot pay for one!

i can give rosie some quality pictures for their website of ecmc2010 budapest.

i was also thinking why all organizer have to gather everyyear again the contactdata of possible sponsers.. a dedicated adressbook for these information would be great to create and pass on.

any ideas what things create a big workload during organizing and would be easier to assess with some preknowledge or prestructure by former events.


  • Yeah we had created a Telegram ECMC exchange chats, where we, as Basel 2021's co-organizers for exemple, had shared some things with Bremen.
    And in any case there has been talks for years about having a proper 'set of guidelines' for cmc organizing, maybe under IFBMA umbrella.
    So thank you for bringing this up again, Felix.
    Until someone(s) find the time to gather infos, etc, and redact those 'cmc organizing guidelines', Im not really sure where the sharing of infos, documents, sponsors, etc can happen. In the forum it might be a bit messy. One first opinion I have for example is that actually starting a website from scratch might be a better idea, actually, as in each city you might have IT experts who will give the CMC's website its own 'flavor'. It's my opinion but for exemple we did not see it fit to transmit the ECMC Basel Facebook to Bremen:you still need your pages to correspond with your participants (Lost and Found, photos, etc), and personally I find it unfair to just have people's 'follow' transmitted from one CMC to the next without asking the followers opinion.
    For sponsors though it totally makes sense to transmit the contacts. I could go on forever but let's keep this conversation going and make steps! (and yeah, for ex, the passing of photos that are free if rights for future CMCs website can be very helpful, btw ;)
  • This is a good place to start
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