if the website is going to be a portal for messenger information it need a serious makeover, so does the instagram and facebook accounts. those can be easily solved (the past ecmc websites are nicely laid out maybe use the same people)
the website should be hyping up cmwc new york and cmwc yokohoma , asking for cities to place bids ,referring people to past events ,etc
at the moment it hard to find any information that is current , and its been like that for some time


  • I've updated the theme and did a bity of a tidy up, Any wordpress gurus out there who reckon they can help?
  • Update.

    Seems there is a problem with Wordpress ,, having issues editing. Given it to Admins at Server Far,m / Wordpress to figure out .. give them a day or two to come back with results. They are telling me its a MOD issue... at least they can say that . It means they know and can see whats happenng )or not) Akso , the site sucked about 5 gig of data this week.... Thats more than the site normally uses in 6 months.
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