ifbma council

we need to know exactly what the role of the ifbma council is .
"to ensure the successful realization on an annual cmwc" is vague and personally im not even sure what that means.
(how do you ensure this) the website has a few contradictory statements that just adds to the confusion .maybe those can be cleared up, otherwise you have debates and arguments forever. these are points that are going to come up in the future and should be brought up or discussed before open forums.


  • The IFBMA council is made up by a bunch of unpaid (and underappreciated) volunteers, just here to help. To give guidance, advice and support. Ultimately the IFBMA is "us" and we are simply trying to foster the global courier community, which in large part has come together through the various messenger championships. "Ask not what the IFBMA can do for you, but what you can do for the IFBMA."
  • andy-
    -i suggested updating website
    but i can add thing to improve
    *list topics to be discussed at open forum
    *make it clear that ifbma is not a decision making entity
    (i bring this up because various cities ,were waiting on a decision on the ifbma on whether cmwc nyc should or not happen -(not knowing that they can't make that decision )
    *suggest a plan in case a cmwc is canceled .
    but generally the ifbma has to be more engaging
    these issues will come up eventually.
    there are various championships going on in europe and i have yet to see any listed ,
    also it would be nice to hear from someone from council
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