Introduce Your Biz

Hi All- Hope this note finds you well!
I am looking to introduce a current client to courier services in different cities.

They specifically asked me about Sweden for starters.

I am a bike messenger in NYC since 1992 and am a partner at Cyclehawk since 2007.
We are owner operated (Me and Marc Maclean) and we work with independent contractors who are responsible for their own equipment, insurance, taxes.

Our order page/rate sheet is here:

Also have a blog (which needs to be updated haha) and ig account and fb page. These help our internet presence and google search results:

Feel free to post your company website and contact info in this thread!
Maybe I can share some work with you and vice versa.

Also Maybe we can get ideas from each other about generating more work etc.

You can hit me up here or on signal/whatsapp thru my cell: 917-417-3714
or email:

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