ECMC2023 fundraiser alleycats

Hey everyone, I spoke to Rozie from Budapest and she agreed we should get something going to raise some money to help the organisation, so I figured we should do an international alleycat like Muscles for Brussels!

The idea is to have every city signed up by end of January and races done by mid march or so with all the moneys going straight to our buddies in Budapest.

I need help finding a name though, and maybe designing a sticker or something.

Any ideas?


  • chico_bandito
    edited December 2022
    Hola from London, please put our humble town on the list.
    Can ask Filippo, our local graphic master if he's keen to get involved.
    title wise, what about DO YOUR BEST FOR BUDAPEST :)
  • Hi ! Did you find people ? Its a really and constructive idea ! End of Januray is close but we still can made something ?
  • dom_steevie
    edited February 3
    The stickers are here!

    Here’s the plan:

    Deadline for donations is june 1st 2023
    We’re waiting on Budapest to open a paypal account, that’s where the money will go.

    Each city can put on as many events as they like, alleycats, parties, raffles, merchandise, bank robberies etc…

    Each 50€ raised is an extra chance for the city to win 2 sign ups to ECMC2023 (1 open, 1 wtnb)

    Give me an address here or on insta @dominikomouk and I will send you a bunch of stickers!

    So far signed up we have: Amsterdam, Basel, Berlin, Bremen, Cologne, Dublin, Edinburgh, Freiburg, Glasgow, Hamburg, Lausanne, London, Milan, Warsaw and Wrocław
  • Oh and it’s called ARE YOU HUNGARY FOR ECMC 2023
  • Hi everyone!
    We've decided not to have paypal since they are super expensive and super problematic to actually get the money from the account, and here we can not pay anything with paypal, so why should we put money to this giant moneyhole?
    But we'll have an other solution, probably Revolut.
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