south american messenger

hello fellows!

I'm part of one of the oldest bike messenger companies in Brazil, located in the city of Porto Alegre. I'm new to the team, with just over a year of work. Before that I worked for two years at companies like Uber.

I found this group doing research on the global situation of bike messengers, because here in Brazil with the pandemic and the emergence of delivery apps, small bike messenger companies have closed their doors and are experiencing many difficulties. We at Pedal are managing to keep up with great difficulty but looking for ways to improve and continue in this work.

I hope I can share a little of the experience we live in Brazil and learn a lot from you. And ask if there are other South American messengers around here? Let's get stronger!

Ps: sorry for the bad english


  • Bem vindo! Track Or Die are doing alleycat races this year in Bogota and Santiago de Chile in May… other than that.. there has been talk for a long time about bringing the CMWC games to South America… I have some extended family down there including Salvador de Bahia… I need to learn some portugués este año… y poco mas español jaja … glad to have you onboard
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