Comprehensive Historical Record

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The IFBMA / CMWC's has no history information available on its site.

Can we get someone or team to write a comprehensive historical record of this community and have a link or auxiliary website?

Are there any members who could contribute content from their city and or tech support for the project.

Without a historical record this community will struggle with credibility and identity. It will be harder to negotiate future events.

You can not generate marketability without a history.

Post here or send your ideas via email



  • A historical record woukd be good.
    You can also supply this.. and have it passed by the IFBMA committee. They can decide if it should go onto the site as a page
  • Thank you for your response and clarity of the IFBMA Councils rules on website changes.

    According to the guidelines there should be council records showing these discussions and decisions.

    Please be so kind and disclose the approval date and information regarding the IFBMA Councils decisions to remove the website history page and create a new CMWC narrative.

    Also. please disclose the date and informarion regarding the IFBMA Councils desicion to place a hyperlink to an Amazon Affiliate in the website.

    This is an entity thar generates revenue. Please provide clarity regarding the Councils usage of these funds.

    This is a serious inquiry from a growing number of members and as long time contributing members we expect this IFBMA Council to adress these three (3) matters of concern.

    Any delay or disregard of these concerning matters will be considered an indication of incompetence, fraud and guilt.

    A legal cease and desist letter will be assigned and attached to the IFBMA / CMWC making 2023 the final edition.

    As well as the most humiliating public shaming of the individual who we already know is solely responsible.

    It is the responsibility of this IFBMA Council to be honest and trustworthy.

    Feel free to discuss this matter via email.
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