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Hi everyone, I wanted to highlight how important these pages are. https://www.dccourier.com/messengers/ contains a pretty much complete archive of the messengers listserv which, in the days before everyone had a blog (remember those, kids?) and waaaaay before social media, was the principle means by which we communicated with each other. There's records of Open Forums from the first one in 1996. The archive goes back to 1994.

There's also a load of other info on CMWCs etc.

The site was set up & maintained by the late great Bega.


  • Yes indeed. Thank you for sharing Bill. Bega had some big ideas that a bunch of us are trying to make a reality.
  • Bega did so much work to preserve history and communication. It’s best to keep it as it is. I would we willing to pay to keep his site online as long as I’m alive but perhaps the IFBMA could take ownership as I will die one day and I expect the IFBMA will not. I would still be willing to pay to keep Bega’s site online under IFBMA ownership.
  • AZ tells me that Bega's brother is custodian, and has no plans to change anything.
  • Wish he would delete the CMWC Guatamala site section ... I worked that site so hard and well .. but it's been hacked about 5 years ago and that is a pity and nobody noticed at all.

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