Hey Joe, where I am situated now if I can be used for the Bicycle Couriers relief.

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SERIOUS I AM SOCIALLY MEDIA-ED CENSORED. (SQUID) I am 6 Day Suspended by FACEBOOK against Communty Standards while this http://www.soapboxview.com/p/the-octopus-ubereats-vs-customers-plus.html post was still virtually empty. The nephew of the man behind the first Facebook, Cornell Yearbook, and it appears Corporate America knew this Orlando born Canadian would shove it up their ass some day. 1972 I'm saying what the hell is this ring of a Dizzy World Train doing circling, without extension to Orlando, WHEN THEY SAY they're part of Orlando and redneck capital Kissimmee became a center of the car driven racial massacre one more time filling gas tanks with no care for the entire world. NOW ABC and entire FOUNDATION OF WALL STREET MONEY banked for incomplete circulation throughout the economy, is exposed espousing owning business only from the top solves everything for themselves. We'll see.
Working on essay. My previous posts on Facebook could disappear. This is about assholes thinking their conspiratorial power is everything, and, if the CUSTOMER IS RIGHT, all these GOD damned bastards face the world quite well as CORPORATE INTERFERENCE. Madder I get, the more I figure out. Face it. Canada could have revived Central and South America all along if the world weren't ruled by people using money against us, pretending that just defending their capital from complete circulation is a war meant to be won. Ubers SUED to keep my, and others' texts hidden? MY EIGHT YEAR RECORD is supposed to be on file with them! Just fix yourselves assholes. Rates so low they know they're killing it. Customers TIP. When companies rase rates to catch up? TAKE AWAY tips as Couriers have lived through this too long not to create a solution NOW with or without any asshole's help.
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