NACCC rules

Hi there.
It's Ronin from Mexico city. One of the NACCC 2024 organizers.
Just wondering if there's some rules about NACCC somewhere writed down. It's because during the event we had kind of a discussion with people from Colombia about they didn't be able to get NACCC's podium (no "officially") cuz they're not working in any North American city and this is the meaning of this event. We explained them will be recognized the position get during main race, but couldn't be an official NACCC champions, in case they get one of the 3 positions.
Thing is, also mexican fam got piss about this situation and I think is just cuz many of them are not totally involved with championship rules and think was a decision of us, as organizers, and not that we were just following the rules as we understand. Also during Open Forum Fred Marshall and Allan Shaw tried to help us to explain the situation but think the tried was not successful.
Now have the filling is turning difficult to can explain them the situation.
I mean, right now decision has taken but just want to be sure about it.

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