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+++SuiCMC in Lucerne+++
23. - 25.09.2022


  • Tour de Felvidék 2022 (Slovakia)
    26.-29. 8. 2022
    The fourth annual over-the-top endurance alleycat where the racers have 60 hours to visit the checkpoints of their choice all over Slovakia.
  • Calendar will be up in the next few days.
  • Any updates about the calender?
  • yes, the update is Ive tried two different calendars and they both dont work very well. Still testing
  • seems to be an issue with Host Farm... on it.
  • papillon
    edited June 29
    Upcoming mess events.

    Italian Cycle Messenger Championships - Milano 5th-7th August 22

    Polish Cycle Messenger Championships - Gdansk 12th-15th Augusr 22

    Nordic Cycle Messenger Championships - Helsinki 19th - 21st August 22
    Follow on Instagram: ncmchelsinki

    Swiss Cycle Messenger Championships - Lucern 23th-25th September 22

    Cycle Messenger World Championship / North American Cycle Courier Championships - New York 28th-31st October 22

    If you have any events happening in your city, post it on here or message us:
    Events will be linked to the event calendar when that's uo and working.
  • daveyoha
    edited June 30
    @admin - I attempted to re-post the previous comment and create hyperlinks per each url for ease of access. I could not however get either markdown or html to render the links in the preview. Would you be able to advise what the site supports?
  • German Cycle Messenger Championships (DMFK) - Freiburg 7th-10th Juli 22 (NEXT WEEK!!!)
  • Winter Cycle Messenger World Championships · La Chaux-de-Fonds, Switzerland · 10-12.02.2023
    It's happening, save the date!
    More info to come soon!
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