Awaremess Budapest

Hello all! Thank you all for a great event and for all the hard work put in from us all the volunteers!

I spoke with Rosie from Budapest and she mentioned that she would like to receive help from the wider awaremess community for organizing the awaremess initiative in Budapest next year

Rosie also brought up the fact that the cultural landscape is very different in Hungary and that the political power has been pushing back queer and trans rights in the past years. This makes the awaremess initiative even more important and it would be great if as many as possible could join and help out both in the time leading up to the event and also during the event for shifts and other responsibilities.



  • I can help out with the *BMA support.
    We can see that create a group to prepare infosheets or whatelse is needed
  • Hi ! Thank you for everything ! I'm in a Feminist Self-Managed Library Collective in Brussels, and we have some ressources to share that can be used (like fanzine, books, etc) in many ways. Most of them are in French, some in English. However I would love to help and i can start to see which ressources we already have and think about how it can maybe help for next year ?
  • Thank you Alix. Much appreciated
  • I hear Cecile speaks good French
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