WTNB thread

Hi WTNB-peeeeeps!

Thourght we should have a wtnb-related thread in here too where we can post WTNB related/specific stuff.



  • First thing:

    Is there any messenger forum/chat/online group that's only accesable for WTNB's where we can share more vulnerable stuff?
  • there was a starbma slack channel but it died out for several reasons. if yr into reviving something I can send it out through those channels to get people on it!
  • Hi ! I'm wandering if there is a feed back or something about the WTNB Forum from the Bremen's event ? If my memory is good someone spoke about a zine or something to archive the forum ? Do you know to who i can ask ? :) thanks !!
  • jamais203 - I dont know. But just talking with a freind, that we really need some kind of online channel to bring mess-WTNB persons together.
    Therefore we've just created a Signal group chat - please join in and share with all your WTNB friends within the community: https://bit.ly/3yzd86a
  • Hi folks I dont know if it's still active but I sent a request to the signal group.im polly from glasgow.x
  • Hey ! I've just send a request to be part of the signal group !
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