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Hey there, we are looking for a new software. We know packageez and lobo so far. Onfleet is too expensive for the full package for us yet.
Any other input on what works nicely and with as much potential as possible? We'd like to have out of software invoicing and if possible customer backend with full functionality and customized pricing options.


  • what josef told me some years ago about joyrides software was mindblowing for me and i wish this could be done with as many couriers as we are but for crow iz probably the real deal! @fessor_Pro @Jerome_CROW
  • Yeah we use google sheets (inspired by byX, who i believe have now moved on to a new system. But yeah Google sheets has alot of room for programming and optimizing and the biggest advantage I think is that all runs are visible for all riders. (We have a separate sheet, where every rider has their own runs collected and color coded and arranged in order of urgence so that it's easy to get an overview). But yeah the whole transparency is way cool since it makes it easier to work as a team
  • En el mercado hay un montón de nuevas aplicaciones que se adaptan muy bien a cada empresa de mensajería como las nuestras, y muy personalizables, y a precios muy muy contenidos. En España está VONZU por ejemplo, y una supercompleta que se llama JELP APP quizás se adapte mejor, y totalmente en inglés también (son mexicanos).
    Por si os pudiera valer🤗
  • Chasseurs (as well as many north american companies) use TwinJet - it was developed by/for TCB with doing both food and package delivery in mind, but usable for one or the other and significantly cheaper than other options (we pay $200USD/mo flat)
    cons are it's only in english, and the folks running it aren't updating significantly these days.
    it has decent API integration and the most intuitive/user friendly ux that I've seen in a dispatch platform. lots of space for weird rate/zonen schemes and good customer facing side (plus maps for riders which lobo doesn't have I hate lobo lol). Also built so riders can see everything going and supports mobile/group dispatching if you're a small team,

    there isn't integrated billing, but I just designed a spreadsheet that processes the csv export and I can import it directly into our billing software (currently we use Wave, but moving to quickbooks cause wave is falling apart, it's free though, and probably ok if yr not too big? don't know how well it handles international payroll).
    Down to answer questions in detail if anyone wants to know more.
  • arturogavroche
    edited June 2022
    Hi ! At Olvo (company located in Paris) we developed our own app called CYKE. I'll talk to the team and try to get you in touch with them, they will sure talk about it better than me regarding your needs etc. You can already check some of it on the PlayStore I think ❤️
  • if anyone knows Full Stack, Front Back, React, .js (Laravel) CRUD and .CSS. i'd be happy to finish PedalParcel.
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