Cycle Messenger World Championships 1996 - San Francisco, CA.
Labor Day weekend, Aug. 31 - Sep. 2, 1996
CMWC '96
1095 Market St. Ste. 216
c/o Timbuk2 Designs
San Francisco, Ca 94103
phone: (415) 626-CMWC(2692)

Well kids, it's over and done with - CWMC '96 SF, despite some hitches and flaws, was an immense success. Over 500 racers showed up to take part, and all things told, there were close to 700 total messengers and friends who came out for the event! The Critical Mass to the World Welcome Party on Friday was far and away the biggest ever, with estimates as to the number of participants running from 2-5 thousand! Over 1000 people jammed Justin Herman Plaza to watch the start and finish of the finals, and we've gotten nothing but positive responses from everyone who came out and raced, watched or hung out at the event. The World Welcome Party at the Maritime Hall blew everyone's mind, with 14 bands on two floors, with a huge half-pipe, a trapeze artist, food, vendor booths, artwork and more. The Somar Gallery shows were great as well, with 6 or so bands each night (Saturday and Monday), trapeze work, and a great showing of messenger art.

Pretty amazing for an event put on by a group of people with absolutely no experience in putting on an event of this kind, much less of this scale...

Tuesday afternoon, there was a open forum held at the bandshell in Golden Gate Park, called by Buffalo Bill, to discuss th future and meaning of the CMWC event, among other things. While there was some initial confusion with the use of concensus as our model for decision-making rather than voting, I think the end result was excellent, and I've posted the minutes of that meeting here for all to read.

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