1. Racers must treat all course marshals, dispatch and checkpoint workers courteously and with respect. In the event that racers fail to be reasonable adults, they will face immediate disqualification. This behavior includes any belittling, sexist, homophobic, insulting, transphobic, or otherwise shitty behavior.
  2. Racers must respect the directions of the course. Any racers caught riding the wrong way on any section of the course will face immediate disqualification.
    • In the event that a racer drops a package or a manifest, they will be permitted to get off their bike and walk backwards to retrieve it. This should be no more than approximately twenty (20) feet. Racers are not permitted to walk backwards for any other reason (i.e. to go back to a checkpoint or turn that they missed).
  3. Racers are not permitted to cross between barriers or under tape. Any racer caught doing so will be disqualified immediately.
  4. Racers must dismount from their bikes and ensure that their bikes aren’t in the way of other racers at each checkpoint.
  5. Racers must lock their bikes at both the Kryptonite and Bagaboo checkpoints. Freelocking is not locking. If the bike can be stolen, it will be. Don’t lock to any other racers’ bikes. Obviously.
  6. It is the racer’s responsibility to make sure that the checkpoint workers punch and/or mark the correct place on their manifest. In the event that a racer notices that something is incorrectly marked after they have left the checkpoint, they must return to the checkpoint to fix it in a way that respects one-ways. In the event that a checkpoint worker has incorrectly marked a pick or drop, have them initial the mistake.
  7. Racers’ numbers must be visible at all times throughout the race.
  8. Racers must wear a helmet at all times.
  9. Racers are not permitted to discard of undeliverable packages until the end of the race. Any racer caught intentionally discarding packages will be immediately disqualified.
  10. Racers may perform a maximum of two (2) pick-ups at a time at any checkpoint. There is no limit to the number of deliveries.
  11. Any racer who is taking too long at a checkpoint (i.e. confused about their paperwork, can’t remember what they are doing, etc.) will be asked to move to the back of the line until they can figure out their shit.
  12. Racers are responsible for all their paperwork, including but not limited to making sure their name and rider number is on all of it, making sure everything is legible, and not crumpling it beyond recognition.
  13. Racers must hold onto all paperwork throughout their race (with the exception of checkpoints that may hold manifests for special deliveries during the main race).


  1. Riders will be assigned a fifteen (15) minute time-block during which they must show up to race. This will be announced the night prior, online and at the party.
    • Racers must arrive fifteen (15) minutes in advance to their time-block to ensure that they can race.
    • Racers will enter the course one at a time, every 30 seconds.
    • When their fifteen (15) minute block is set to begin, racers must line up in any order.
    • Prior to beginning their race, they must give their rider number to dispatch, who will then hand them a manifest. At the 30 second mark, dispatch will give them the go ahead to begin.
    • There will be a very limited amount of spaces at the end of the race period for riders who have missed their start time. There is no guarantee you’ll be able to race. First come, first served. You should have been on time.
  2. There will be a punch clock at the dispatch for marking each racer’s start and finish.
    • It is the rider’s responsibility to punch in at the beginning and punch out at the end of their race and to make sure the numbers are legible.
    • In the event that a racer is finishing at the same time a racer is starting, priority will be given to the racer finishing to punch-out.
  3. Racers will be given one of three manifests to complete.
    • These manifests will be given out in equal proportions to both racer categories (men’s and women/trans/gnc).
  4. Racers must complete all of their work before they punch out.
  5. Top 60 from the men’s category and top 20 from the women/trans/gnc category will advance to finals.


  1. Finals will begin with a mass, Le Mans start.
    1. Racers must be present at 10:30am to begin lining up their bikes at the start.
    2. Racer numbers will be indicated on the ground to show where racers’ bikes will be placed.
    3. All bikes must be placed and freelocked by 10:45am.
  2. There will be 2 main types of manifests:
    1. Standard manifests (white):
      • All jobs on a given standard manifest will be worth the same amount of money.
        • The value will be specified at the bottom of each manifest.
      • Once a racer is entirely finished with their manifest, they may return to dispatch to retrieve another one.
      • There are more manifests available than you can possibly finish. You will not run out of jobs.
      • There are no physical packages for standard manifests.
      • Any incomplete standard jobs (i.e. you have picked them up and not delivered them) will incur a penalty of $5. There is no penalty for jobs which haven’t been picked up.
    2. Rush manifests (blue, yellow and orange):
      • There are three waves of Rush Manifests. They will be available on the hour, at 12pm (blue), 1pm (yellow) and 2pm (orange).
      • Rush Manifests contain fifteen (15) minute jobs, and thirty (30) minute jobs. The value of each of these jobs will be indicated on the manifests.
      • These jobs must be completed (both picked up and delivered) within the designated time from the moment the Rush Manifest becomes available, regardless of the the pick-up time.
        • i.e. you many only complete jobs from the blue manifest from 12:00:00 – 12:14:59 and 12:00:00 -12:29:59 for 15 minutes and 30 minutes respectively, the yellow from 13:00:00 – 13:14:59 and 13:00:00 -13:29:59 for 15 minutes and 30 minutes respectively and the orange from 14:00:00 – 14:14:59 and 14:00:00 -14:29:59 for 15 minutes and 30 minutes respectively.
      • The manifest cut off will be communicated to all checkpoint workers via radio in addition to their responsibility to monitor time independently. These times will remain the same regardless of actual race start time.
      • All rushes require physical packages. It is the racer’s job to keep track of which packages are for which deliveries. In the event that a racer attempts to deliver the incorrect package to a checkpoint, they will be asked to return to the back of the line and try again with the correct package.
      • Rush jobs will have different values based on the package to be delivered and the distance travelled.
      • Any incomplete rush jobs (i.e. you have picked them up and not delivered them) will incur a penalty of $15.
      • There is no penalty for jobs which haven’t been picked up.
  3. In addition to standards and rushes, there will be two other types of jobs:
    1. Double Dips:
      • During each Rush Manifest Period, there will be the opportunity to Double Dip at a single given checkpoint for the duration of that manifest (i.e. your friend’s new company wants to know if you can help with a job or two, but you have to move quickly, but like, no pressure).
        • The pick-up location of the direct will not be announced, however they will be available at a checkpoint which is easy to get to and will be an obvious stop on the corresponding manifest.
      • Three Double Dip Jobs will be available at a time; racers may take as many as two, but are not required to do any. While the racer is completing the Double Dip Jobs, they must leave their corresponding colored Rush Manifest with the person offering the jobs until they complete the Double Dip Job(s).
      • If you have not yet picked up your corresponding Rush Manifest, you are not eligible for the double dip jobs.
      • You have one shot to accept or deny the direct(s) during a Rush Manifest Period.
      • There is no time limit on the double dip job, however you will not be able to retrieve your Rush Manifest forty-five (45) minutes after they originally became available.
        • e. the person holding your manifest will move to their next spot at 12:45pm for the first Rush Manifest, at 1:45pm for the second, and at 2:45pm for the third. Any uncollected manifests will be discarded.
      • Each double dip job is worth $90.
    2. Overnights
      • At 2:30pm, an overnight sheet will become available. It requires that you visit every checkpoint for a hole-punch.
      • A complete overnights sheet is worth $200. An incomplete one is worth nothing, however there is no penalty for partial completion.
  4. Race finish
    1. All riders must be within the “Finish Zone” as marked off at Dispatch by 3pm, regardless of the start time of the race.
    2. There are no bonuses for finishing the race early.
    3. Racers who arrive late must queue outside the finish zone while a marshal records their finish time by punch clock.
      • Any racers in this queue will display their rider number and the marshal will let them into the finish zone one at a time once their time and racer number have been recorded
      • Any racer pushing their way up in line or rushing the marshal will be disqualified; it is your job to finish your work on time and accept your penalty if you do not.
      • Each minute past the deadline will incur a $150.
        • I.E. a racer who arrives at 3:00:20 will receive a $150 penalty, a racer who arrives at 3:01:01 will receive a $300 penalty, and so forth.
    4. Once riders are in the finish zone, it is their responsibility to use one of the staplers provided to get all their paperwork in order.
      • All manifests and direct slips must be stapled together and handed into dispatch.
      • There is no bonus to getting your paperwork in early; take your time and make our lives easier by making sure everything is neatly organized.
      • Any illegible, severely damaged or unidentified paperwork will be discarded.
        • Unidentified manifests within a stapled group will not be tallied.