The main race is what some of you came here for, and they will not be disappointed!

On the Pelouses de Reuilly surface, you messenger boys and girls will be showing your professionnal skillz on the mainrace course that will determine who is the best Bicycle Messenger in the World.

Recreating a day in the life of a messenger, the mainrace takes place on a circuit that is closed to traffic. All segments are one-way and any u-turn will result in immediate disqualification. Along the route, checkpoints represent pick-ups and drop-offs. 

There will be two phases: qualifications-on friday and saturday- and the Grand Final -on sunday.

Upon the start, each contestant is given a manifest displaying jobs and items to be delivered. Goal is to manage as many jobs as possible in the given time.




 Main-race rules

  • Each way is one-way; it is STRICTLY FORBIDDEN to go counter-sense, whether on bike or on foot
  • If you drop an item/job, manifest, or anything else, you will have to go around a whole lap to get it back
  • If you have to stop during the race, you must absolutely go on the side so as not to bother other contestants
  • It is forbidden to stop near, on , or right after an intersection/crossroad
  • It is forbidden to go on foot on the mainrace course except in the case of a mechanical problem or a flat tire, but always in the direction of traffic, near your bike and well leaning to the sides
  • In case of a break-down or mechanical problem, fixing must be done on the spot (well aligned along  the sides) without any outside help
  • Each crossing/intersection presenting several ways 'in' will be materialized by a roundabout. On those roundabouts, priority goes to the cyclist who is already 'in'. It is therefore necessary to slow down when coming near roundabouts
  • French traffic regulations apply to all basic traffic rules: keeping right, passing on the left...
  • When passing (always on the left), please warn the person you are passing orally, by announcing: 'left!'
  • Any contestant leaving the race area or entering the area anywhere else than the HQ/Start-Finish will be disqualified for good, even if he/she is not racing at the moment: it is forbidden to enter the race area ou to leave it by anywhere else than the HQ/Start-Finish, whether while racing or not
  • Outside of your racing time, if you want to cross the   racing area, you must imperatively use the paths designed for that purpose: SAS
  • Each item/package must be transported within a bag or pouch, no item should be transported by hand, under risk of being confiscated by a race marshall
  • Each item/package must be delivered as it was handed: it is strictly forbidden to fold, unfold, or «smash» them. If the item/package is not in a correct state, you will have to do the job all over again (pick-up+drop-off)
  • It is imperative to always be extremely curteous/nice/pleasant/polite with check-pointers who are all volunteers and are giving their time for you
  • At each checkpoint, you must get off your bike, leave it at the nearby spot designed for that purpose, and walk to the checkpoint
  • You must imperatively follow the check-pointers indications and wait for your turn if there is a line at the check-point
  • For the 'lock' checkpoints, you must lock your bike to something designed for that purpose: no free-lock. 'Mock-thieves' will be around those checkpoints to kidnapp bikes that are not locked to anything, and move them. You must at all times stay curteous to those 'mock thieves' because they are race marshalls as well
  • At each checkpoint: pick-up, drop-off or «free-stamp», you must take a stamp. It is your responsability to tell the checkpointer where to stamp the manifest and to check that he/she checks the right box
  • Upon the start (handing of the manifest), and finish  (return of the manifest), each contestant must check that the time mentionned by the HQ person is correct
    It is mandatory to wear a properly fastened helmet
  • Frame plate must be attached AND visible on each contestant's bike
  • Bib number must be attached AND visible on each contestant's bag or on his/her cloths for cargo contestants who do not carry a bag
  • Should you decide to quit, please advise the  Head Quarter that you are leaving the race, and hand your manifest and your packages

Manifeste rules

  • Each «job» is materialized on the manifest by a «pick-up» box, an arrow and a «drop-off» box. Pick-up must obviously be done before drop-off. The jobs with item to be picked up or dropped off will be materialized by rectangular boxes
  • Some jobs are «free», meaning there will only be stamps to take but no item to pick-up. «Free jobs» will be materialized on the manifest by round/oval boxes
  • Upon each step, you must not only pick-up or drop-off the item, but also take a stamp. It is up to each contestant to ask the checkpointer for a stamp
  • The different blocks must be done in order: each block must be totally completed before starting the next
  • Within each block, order is free UNLESS specifically mentionned on the manifest
  • It is possible to operate several actions at a same checkpoint, as long as the imposed order is respected
  • «Flat point» box: you must go to any checkpoint, show your wheel taken off of your bike with the valve removed from its hole, to get the «flat point» box stamped. In case of a flat during the race, you must continue with your flat tire to the next checkpoint to fix your flat AND validate your «flat point» with a stamp
  • In case you decide to quit, please go advise the Head Quarters that you are leaving the race, and hand in your manifest and packages
  • Before going to the finish  (qualification or final), you must  fully complete the ongoing manifest. Any incomplete manifest will not be counted
  • There is no time limit for the qualifications
  • For the final, there will be several manifests. The last one will only be given to the first 10. The second-to-last one will only be given to the first 25.


Any breaking of the above-mentionned rules will result in immediate diqualification, as well as an exclusion from the course.


Manifest exemple




Clic on the map to save it !

Main race Paris CMWC 2016


The list below include only those who payed the registration !!

Race numberLast NameFirst NameNicknameCountryPicture
138 HERRERA Telmo Telmax France
777 Bosisio Tommaso Tommy Italy
263 Nishikawa Tesshin maharu tokyo
267 kohata hitoshi SORA NAGASAKI
001 xucla roger RUC CATALONIA
261 Ishikawa Louie Louis Japan
911 ZAMORA ALEX Nari México
001 marquez bris daniel @marquezbris Spain
028 Greif Philippe Flippo Germany
017 regio simone italy
Fischer Moritz
131 Vuille Marc Marc Suisse
396 Schatz Uwe uwe Germany
987 maillefer joséphine suisse
822 maillefer zéphir crotchon suisse
382 Wille Luki Luki Schweiz
093 OKUDA Yoichi Okusan Japon
Odile Jean Pierre
943 Kevin Chen taiwan
051 Blanco Jordi L'artiste France
179 Wieser Olivier oli Switzerland
777 Trevisan Tommaso Trevi Italy
023 gerenton ashley France
141 Allaz Emmanuel Vikenger Switzerland
501 Fogh Hans Bullitt Harry Denmark
444 Buchholz Frauke Frachter Germany
000 Sechet Fabien Foubina Belgium
632 Bruppacher Carla Switzerland
040 Schroers Stefan Burschi Germany
042 boury thomas France
005 draengler dirk dirki germany
007 Kerdraon Vincent Vinsanity France
420 Buchet Alexandre Persey France
404 DENOIX Felix Lafeuille France
824 QI CHEN Qi China
008 Korzylecka Sofian sof belgium
019 Börjesson Karl Batman Sweden
080 Washiyama Yasutoshi Cookie Japan
769 Eberhard Daniel Ebi Suisse
039 Wihk Jacob Wihk Sweden
232 Reinis Raitis Raiča Latvia
013 Grobe Ludwig The Netherlands
015 swinden nick England
808 zolbrod leon Zorro Germany
007 Rodgers Timothy Tiny Australia
420 Vitali Pietro Italy
777 Bentata Fares farfade France
444 Liu Wen Cheng Shaolin Holic TAIWAN
420 MengChiao Lee LMC Taiwan
789 ya bobby bobby Taiwan
915 Cheng Jesse JC Taiwan
124 Lin Jack Jack Taiwan
623 Liu Ken Ken Taiwan
170 Süssli Daniel sweetnesse switzerland
666 Albert Jordan L'albanais Belgique
150 Axel Allard Belgique
295 lorenz uli germany
168 Nestor Hung Nestor TAIWAN
440 Brunner Martin Switzerland
411 Di Battista Filippo 411 UK
783 Joire-Noulens Thibaut Tibo France
024 Galloy Vincent Uber guy Canada
062 Mettler Cyril Laflèche Switzerland
088 Aoki Kosuke toydog88 JAPAN
666 Filippini Filippo Filippazzi italy
273 Bucheli Renate renirennrad CH
500 Trudeau Jean-philippe 5-0 canada
760 Goossens Bruno France
666 Donati Andrea Sguatti Italy
747 Ricker Jake Ripper USA
384 Johansson Mikkel Asbjørn Bjørn Denmark
123 Simon Pralong saye123 France
304 Declercq Paul Paulu Japan
105 MORINAGA Junya BRUNO japan
412 MIYAMOTO Kohei Chikappa Japan
102 Masahito Nakatani Makun Japan
123 Melnyk Todd USA
404 Drumain Thibaut tibz France
021 Sadrin Thibault Thi France
416 shojiro moto FO SHO Japan
295 Gerlach Mark Germany
000 Ali Moustafa KappaMan Italy
777 Ravezzani Giulio FlyingTuna Italy
383 Rossi Martino Cartino Italy
888 Rojas Cuadros Brian EL GATO Belgium
957 Franke Stefan Germany
333 Scanelli Francesco c3cio Italy
449 Harry Dunbar Australia
210 de Rijk Gijs Sir rides a lot Netherlands
788 van Boxtel Anke Ank Le Pays Bas
302 Murray Cam Badger Australia
699 Hostettler Anna Switzerland
848 Baumann Fabian Switzerland
112 Gersbach Max maxdoeyz Australia
296 klattenhoff emil Michel Germany
120 Krautforst Michal Poland
798 Kienle Mirko ProfKienlein Switzerland
022 Python Sabine Braeburn Switzerland
019 kennedy paul PK Australia
469 burge mitch Bitch Australia
111 Jakob Cyrille Suisse
000 GALY Chloé Cloclo FRANCE
270 Klingel Markus the bell Germany
031 Lustenberger Patrick Red Topaz Switzerland
018 Weber Lenny Pink Lady Switzerland
011 Kuenzler Aline Rubinola Switzerland
826 Guglieri Diego Jhon Glutamate France
191 Surmann Philipp - germany
012 Dang Thibault France
258 Steven Ravers The Netherlands
086 Greneche Antoine France
144 Grob Philipp FIP Suisse
123 Troxler Thomas trox Switzerland
Savoia Matthew
514 Dubé Nathalie Nat canada
380 Ross Seb Seahag Denmark
166 Grezet Line Suisse
089 Perez Simon France
022 Kaemmerling Cornelius Nél Germany
991 tosi valentin val france
314 Török Péter Pyií Hungary
888 Ildikó Kálmánczhelyi HammyDi Hungary
184 Rothwell Sam Sam New Zealand
179 Kazemier Brugt Netherlands
149 Nicolas Hazi LaBoss Suisse
667 poirier dylan dylan france
808 Loiseau Virgile Virgile Belgium
314 Lopez Mario California
667 MAZARS Teo France
115 Biehler Armin aaron Suisse
444 Humblet Baptiste Belgium
245 Francke Annika Switzerland
007 Biçer Erdem Belgium
017 Cordier Felix Fel Belgium
555 La O Diaz Erwin Winer belgique
911 manno daniele italy
006 CLAM Arthur Klum Belgium
010 Kaaber Oscar Fatty Denmark
323 Grabowski Oliver Olsen Germany
911 Ovens Matias Fergie Denmark
tchambaz lotfi
113 Sogut Sinan ze king belgique
325 Lageson Andy Andy USA
847 Munvez Nikki Nikki USA
240 Topalov Andrew A-Top Canada
013 Adrian Grosu DelaPatru Romania
456 Harris Andrew FM Canada
543 Nennemann Moritz Ritzli Germany
727 Roudaut Paul Polo France
882 Soulimane Antony France
025 kosuke shimosaka TORIZO Japan
055 Rau Franziskus Frankie Germany
195 Plunkett Craig Plunkett Australia
706 Leroy Clement Clement France
369 Delzangles Jean-Charles JC Suisse
033 Pierre Ung King jeune Ung France
015 vincent kodio vincent k. france
090 Creacy Marco U.S.A.
029 Perusat Gabriel Lemotmagikkk France
013 Yeruchalmy Olivier Olivier DMS France
007 Bourlier Charles-Henry CH France
001 Torrione Luca MAYA FR
018 MUTEL Sacha Sachie France
015 kodio vincent vincent k. France
016 levine Saul Soil England
405 Hafty Marcel Hafty Germany
124 Morgan Attrill Australia
077 Rozycki Matthew USA
514 Kadota Kiyoshi Canada
717 Ozolina Laila UK
017 Paavo Järvenpää Pave Finland
050 Konings Flip The Netherlands
412 Pochon Mike france
068 Ruiz Andres Andres USA
666 Boekhoff Henry Germany
886 Jacobs Talor taloman USA
200 Wetchy Tina TGV
033 Jung Raphael Germany
229 Maurer Yuri Hayakawa Suisse
111 van den Berg Bucco Netherlands
040 matera alessio lazyboy Italia
854 Schwarz Laurin LauRider German
158 Breg Regina Germany
317 Zago Flavio Flo Italy
250 Ente Panasonickopf Ente Germany
126 Do William Ouy-Lim Switzerland
197 Cappello Davide Giacomo Dade Urtica Italia
Krüger Till
169 Naef Marco Switzerland
234 Ganz Maximilian Max Germany
085 cusenza claudia Palin Italy
004 Savalli Davide Sebastiano Kaiz Italy
743 badagliacca riccardo bada italia
101 Myhre Oliver Waage olliwm Italy
100 Lorenzo Melani MacGyver Argentina
074 Emelianenko Vladimir Vlad Switzerland/UK
689 Cavenagh Joe Smokin Joe Australia
909 watts robin superkid uk
042 Veulliet Max Max Austria
021 Pawel Pulawski Piko Poland
007 Kappeler Cristina Switzerland
669 Dogic Versa Germany
105 danger todd usa
026 Schmid Janick Thor Switzerland
676 van der Lugt Jaime Jaimpie Netherlands
150 ursle ursle ch
420 Ákos Tegez TG Hungary
718 Valencia Alejandro Ando USA
120 Németh Zoltán Zotya Hungary
101 pistol Gregory gweg canada
217 duraffourg mathieu Machupichu Japan
109 Häring Cornelius Switzerland
020 CHOLEAU Thibaut Tito France
182 Liccione Luca HM United Kingdom
404 DAY Guillaume Doozay France
123 Liedtke René Germany
050 Adam Gonda Adam Hungary
034 Phillips Kelsey USA
075 Siby Diaby France
069 Papidas George Carneval Greece
112 skaftouros harry thio greece
404 schaeffer guillaume France
028 huie Shelton Chuck Usa
048 Swarts Brian United States
535 Krespo Christian CrispyKreme Estados Unidos
710 Scarabello Vasco Suiss
628 Neubauer Sascha saschist germany
A Rόzi
903 Fiechter Luca Mr. Longfinger Switzerland
404 Chea Kerrick Skippy France
037 Gábor Farkas Potter Hungary
089 Ádám Fazekas Fazek Hungary
888 Krisztián Kovács Klicskó Hungary
027 Gergő Gömöri Geri Hungary
044 Attila Máté Migi Hungary
714 Alíz Szalóky Lizike Hungary
012 Zsolt Földi Zsoca Hungary
032 Csaba Nagy Döme Hungary
647 Melchert Kevin Germany
088 Draper Andrew Drapsenger United States
333 MacKinnon Heather Missregard USA
007 Loisillier Felix Le Chat Perché France
070 John Kane Face Scotland
122 Bloch cécile graou France
546 Arthur Flin Flin France
jappain yeelem
012 Berard Gabriel Gab France
398 Längle Joe Germany
077 Pichardo Pablo Pichardo Mexico
518 Bube Peter Allemagne
666 Andrews Sam Drew United Kingdom
063 Begin Meredith United States
014 De souza Isidore C14 France
535 Schreer Felix Felix Germany
088 Ruiz Ximena Plumas DF
052 Sherpa Renaud Maybe France
444 zmzz Izumi zm us
777 Napoles Jaime napo mexico
062 Bötel Juliane Jules Dschörmeni
313 fux fuxi fux austria
077 Plat Franck Francky France
032 Andersons Janis Viesulis Latvia
157 Espinosa Oscar Perro MEXICO
666 Schifano Nicholas NICO Australia
661 Haddock Bart Bartos Austrlia
247 wintebert nicholas crack USA
527 Kromm Lisa Germany
180 Fischer Martin Marty Germany
246 Schwarz Joe Germany
006 keller tim CH
077 Peto Balazs pb Switzerland
360 van Gageldonk Sue Zoo Netherlands
099 Di Szajlu Szajlu Swizneyland
137 Hettinga Lieke liek Netherlands
168 guibert dorian suisse
378 Ballerini Camilla Cami Italy
999 Fonelli Daniele Mr. Ohm Italy
421 VIALLE Samos Samos France
121 Laborc Dániel Dagi Hungary
540 Luengo Luis Lucho Germany
749 Prezant Nata Switzerland
094 Raulin-Garzuel Simon Belouga France
202 Tamas Erces ERTZ Hungary
004 Löffel Tobias Tobi Switzerland
184 Lukas Lukas LowCa$h -
132 Becker Michelle Ireland
228 Johannsmeier Jan Allemagne
023 Barklund Nicklas Bikelund Sweden
294 Shakeshaft Tim Timmy Australia
181 Smith Ewen Smitty Australia
172 Kallauch Stephan Kali Germany
236 Schmid Glory Glory Green GERMANY
101 Bank Jirge Bankman Germany
089 Kim Hakdoh U GUE$$ED IT Republic of Korea
138 Aebi Mathias El Grande Dadais Switzerland
666 saukane vineta uk/latvia
082 Padilha Pedro Padilha Brazil/UK
214 Steins Janis Latvia
022 Peyreton Jean-Baptiste JB France
452 Bell Jo UK
397 Kratzert Johannes Gianni Deutschland
046 Switalski Michal misiu Switzerland
102 Edel Kai Germany
777 Maris Jonovs LATVIA
111 Vilmars Vincans vebers lacis Latvia
888 Frere Ron Jr RON FRANCE
917 wise becky Hurricane USA
Tudorache Gabriel The King Romania
666 Masino Lorenzo Dino Italy
896 Molnár Zoltán MZ/X Hungary
022 le rolland goulven goul france
Vuillemin Remy Champignon schweiz
337 Fish Lee Canada
002 Flament Geoffrey TahihiGeo France
099 Sawbones Roman Sawbones UA/UK/FR
047 felis clara orca austria
184 Tauveron Charles Karlovic France
723 Peteris Janisels TurboPecis Latvia
419 Belecks Janis NERETA Latvija
545 Pfitzer Juri Germany
423 Porcsin Ákos Áka Hungary
676 Holthaus Anselm Anslack GDR
509 Medicke Konrad Konny Allemagne
012 lecerf baptiste tabista germany
138 Nick Vreeswijk - Netherlands
999 Enel Arnaud Lokid France
021 Montes Augie USA
023 Schwab Alain schwabalain Suisse
998 Mana Mana CH
Tapia Nacho Nachotapi Spain
Rhyner Mario Suisse
000 Adjavon Eloi Elmo France
146 Heikkinen Kim Finland
Charbonnel Hugo Machine France
321 Robertson Murray superciuk Switzerland
989 Shields Ciaran Ciarantino Switzerland
313 Carminati Flavien Jacquie France
314 Boga Michael Michel Switzerland
520 Schlenkrich Burkhard Germany
138 HK C CHK Germany
812 Aleksander Feliks GDR* frg
048 Reinhardt Josh computerlegs Australia
721 Bomio Christian bömi Switzerland
Creighton Jorja jambi-Jambi Australia
Fuller Dan bambi Canada
Schneider Berny moreBEERny Germany
226 Mallet-HEmery jeremie Pré-J-dent France
222 RYCHLEWSKI Jérôme Chut France
038 Hiddink Ruben Hully Wully Holland
Daumin Nicolas France
207 Woltjer Reinier formerly known as Deutschland
001 Horse Austin USA
172 Ly Wilson Germany
123 Donnelly Dean Danger USA
023 Maher Luke Shneeki Australia
032 Boludo Maximo Bismo Berlin
Stephenson Dominic Steevie France
Please chose a number Zalan Andy AZ USA
876 Schultz Meghan USA
078 Artelt Jens Streuner Germany
Jacobsen Axel
143 Ochsenfarth Robert Robse Switzerland
011 Bell Tai Australia
Barbe Nicolas Bebar France
007 ETTIEN Richard Richie France
111 Price Corinne The Artist United Kingdom
161 lorenzen marie Jackson Denmark
156 Kvist Trine PANIK Denmark
987 DERI Sebastien LSD France
208 schwarz yannick yännu schweiz
871 Rugholt Rasmus Val-Tho Denmark
35 Killisperger Johannes Jojo Denmark
101 Thiriet Jérôme Strom Schweiz
138 Menace Adam Mister Menace Germany
555 Jarek Zak FROG Poland
2610 Borek Robert Borek United Kingdom
288 Sibug Joven U$A
911 Dinort David Rainman Suisse
30 mcnutty eoin mc ireland
888 Quanquin Adrien France
726 Gasser Fabian Pavian Switzerland
104 Clément Romain France
103 Franke Suza Suza Germany
DARRASSE Lucas son-per france
125 Favretto Basile Bazil France
444 Pennington Kelly KP Canada
113 Unternährer Lukas Luc le truc Suisse
133 Benz Jakob VK133 Switzerland
023 G Jordan United Kingdom
073 Curti Pier Paolo pier Italy
011 Svensson Widén Arvid Ella Sweden
13 Brinkmann Michael Michi Germany
019 MacLean Marc USA
027 Rombach Christoph Rombo Germany
124 Hadorn Christian Chris Switzerland
978 merz micha courti ger
459 pfeiffer raphaël doble suisse
808 Roland François OAB Belgique
044 le nocher maxime madmaxx France
010 Höckel Marius MariusMelange Germany
778 Moedt Erik Match Canada
030 Lindner Hagen The incredible Hagen Germoney
de Lapoyade Jeanne
524 Foulon Hugo Foulon France
076 Delaporte Maxime Max France
6 Dicandia Fabrizio Dick Italia
042 Thurner Michael Mike Austria
024 Hart Seabass Seabass USA
181 Kung Laurent Cheval Suisse
93 Boudard Pat jahboud France
7 Somosi Julian Yogi ours
115 Orozco Omar Funky Bikemessenger Mexico
049 Lipke Aaron 49 United States
000 Jean Erica Australia
425 Léonard Bruno Brunmarde Canada
Bigelow-Rubin Robert Youngblood Canada
510 Poland Josh 'OneLove' Straya
416 Leah Hollinsworth MessMom CANADA
420 Marshall Fred Fred Usa
206 Face Mathieu Le Face Bulgaria
814 Reichart Merlin Germany
987 Achermann Beni B#987 Switzerland
78 Marchetti Jules Le Julo Canada
014 Castronuovo Matteo Italy
108 Huebner Astried Asteroid Switzerland
118 Lindqvist Josef Bromsef Sweden
247 Shaw Allan Scotland
16 Bartczak Stephanie Papillon UK
051 Delente Arnaud France
Cochard Adrien Suisse
014 Verkooijen Michael Mikey The Netherlands
604 Elias TJ @SquatsMcGee Canada
069 NIzard félix Feulyx France
313 Schläpfer Michael frägl vk8 Switzerland
8 Grenet Guillaume Yogi France
664 Jarek Srodecki Ja-Dick poland
173 Stoch Marcin Stahu Polska
198 Porcsin Levente Levi Hungary
099 ABEILLE Romain Romain France
42 Steins Phillip Fifou USA
068 Webber Ephraim E UK
59 Herzog Benedikt Beno#59 Suisse
984 Demuth Jerome G. France
666 Casey Cherry Rusty Shackleford USA
074 Bijlsma Almar Golden Reteiver Holland
94 levannier fabrice FuegO France
17 NERAMBOURG Rudy Rudeye France
207 Velocity Carlito Carl the Netherlands
000 Whitesnake Joshua Whitesnake New York
9 fernandez gabriel ptigabi France
333 Lockfoot Brandon B$$$ New York City
113 barbillon charles Klaus France
Grant Will
752 Putschli Marcellus Germany
093 Hochet Suzon Susu France
16 Lardera Luca Italia
42 Lardera Andrea Italia
69 Perreault Raphaël Floyd McTorque Canada
000 Travers Darcy Derpsey Australia
92 Bargeot Yves Bargeot France
075 boule jean jboule France