• Zeromski Park [ park Żeromskiego ]
    Main Race, Main Hub, sprints, skids, trackstands, footdown
  • Storrady Club / Cottage Gravedigger [ Klub Storrady/Domek Grabarza ]
    Storrady Street 2
    registration (Thursday, Saturday), CX tracklocross ride, main race HQ
  • Goniec,
    Rapackiego Street 3
    registration (Wednesday)
  • Admiralska Street
    uphill race
  • The Kana Theatre [ Teatr Kana / Łąka Kany ]
    St. Peter and St. Paul Square [ plac Św. Piotra i Pawła 4/5 ]
    parties, goldsprints, breakfasts
  • High School of Economics Gym [ Technikum Ekonomiczne Nr 1 ]
    Sowinskiego 1 Street
    common accommodation
  • Szczecin Velodrome [ Tor Kolarski ]
    Wojska Polskiego Avenue 246
    registration (Friday), track day, *BMA meeting, out of towner alleycat, prize ceremony
  • Monument of Adam Mickiewicz [ Pomnik Adama Mickiewicza ]
    Henryka Poboznego Street
    open forum
  • Dialogue Center “Upheavals” [ Centrum Dialogu „Przełomy” ]
    Solidarity Square [ plac Solidarnosci 1 ]
    group ride finish, Critical Mass meeting point

  • Odra Boulevards [ Bulwary nad Odrą ]
    Popular meeting point of all Szczeciners. You can rent a motorboat
    there, have a picnic, grab a coffee or a bite to eat
  • Artificial beach at Grodzka Island [ Wyspa Grodzka ]
    Chillout & party spot open 24/7, complete with deck chairs, palm trees
    & a beach bar operating in the evenings
  • Jasne Błonia & Kasprowicza Park
    One of the biggest green areas within the city with lots of neat spots to
    lay at and cure your hangover or hang out with your friends
  • Głebokie Lake [ Jezioro Głębokie ]
    Lake with a beach (entrance fee: 2 PLN) and lots of picnic/campfire
    spots around. There’s also a wakeboard lift there along with kayak and
    paddle boat rental
  • Arkonka
    Open air pool complex next to velodrome (fee: 10 PLN)
  • Dziewoklicz
    Odra river beach with kayak and paddle boat rental (fee: 2 PLN)

V – vegan | VG – vegetarian

Przystań na kawę

Coffee, cakes and craft beers (VG, V)

Rayskiego Street 19

Bajgle Króla Jana

Bagels, coffee & cakes (VG, V)

Rynek Nowy 6


Speciality coffee (VG, V)

Wojska Polskiego Avenue 39


Pizza restaurant (VG)

Wawrzyniaka Street 13/1

Ole Bistro & Tapas

Spain cuisine & tapas bar and beer next to river (VG, V)

Bulwar Gdyński 2

Pasztecik (must try)

Grandpa of Szczecin street food (VG)

Wojska Polskiego Avenue 46

V – vegan | VG – vegetarian