CMC Organizer’s Guidebook

The title of this guidebook is not “How to run a CMC”, and there’s a reason. This isn’t a formula for how to produce the perfect championships, nor is it a simple how-to. Nothing here (with the exception of the CMWC bidding process) is set in stone – heck, some people’s advice may even contradict other people’s suggestions. This is a continually evolving document gathering the collective experience of those of us who have helped organize successful championship events in the past. A CMC never happens without mistakes and learning experiences – this is my effort to publish those experiences so that others down the line have their lessons at their fingertips. Future organizers aren’t bound by the advice contained herein, but would do well to heed it.

That being said, if you’re a past or current organizer of a CMWC, ECMC, NACMC or ACMC
who hasn’t already contributed (or wants to add more comments), do not hesitate to contact me to add your advice – this guidebook won’t be complete without it.

Joel Metz – editor

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2nd edition (2002
A publication of the IFBMA