Initial CMWC Final Bid (1 year lead time)

Requirements and Suggestions

(07 Dec 2005)

After your Proposal has been accepted at the Open Forum it is time to begin work on your Bid. A strong Bid will demonstrate the hard work and effort you made to prepare your city to host the CMWC.

Bids are submitted 1 year in advance of your desired hosting year after a successful proposal.

Required Elements


  • Your Bid in print form to be distributed in every racer package. This will make sure everyone knows your intentions, not just the Open Forum. It¹s a great time to promote. … Once more you¹ll be subjected to the questions of everyone attending the Open Forums. Be prepared for anything. … A presentation of your Bid at the Open Forums, in person, as many organizers as you can muster.

Information required as part of your written Bid


  • Each member of your team of organizers will now have a specified task or department. Who are they and what are they?
  • Your CMWC logo must be ready.
  • Your CMWC website must be functional.
  • Race course permits. You haven¹t got the race yet, why do you need the permits? At this stage you don¹t but you need some evidence that the course will be available. Who have you talked to about the proposed site of the Main Race?
  • Insurance is very important. Know what you will need and who will provide it.
  • Who are your Main Sponsors?
  • Preliminary event budget
  • The exact date and approximate schedule of events. Including Main Race, side events, parties, workshops and forums.
  • Housing plans, ideas and recommendations.

Suggested additional preparation / Guidelines


  • A letter of welcome from your city council
  • Venues for your side events, parties and forums.