CMWC Yokohama

OFFICIAL DATE! CMWC 2023 Yokohama @cmwc2023 The 29th Cycle Messenger World Championships (CMWC) in Yokohama, Kanagawa, Japan Official date is 20 (Wed) – 25 (Mon) September! Main Race Qualifiers and Finals are 23 (Sat) -24 (Sun) at NISSAN STADIUM and Pre-event @slowburninman is 16 (Sat) -18 (Mon•Holiday) September !!! SAVE THE DATE SAVE THE DATE SAVE THE DATE SAVE THE DATE SAVE THE DATE

2022 Events

While we’re waiting for the interactive calendar  to be up and running, here is a list of upcoming events. Join the forum to add to this list! We will try to update this post weekly. 7 – 10 July German Cycle Messenger Championships (DMFK) – Freiburg August 5 – 7 Italian Cycle Messenger Championships – Milano 12 – 15 August Polish Cycle Messenger Championships – Gdansk 19 – 21 August Nordic Cycle Messenger Championships – Helsinki Follow on Instagram: ncmchelsinki August  26 – 29 Tour de Felvidék 2022 (Slovakia) The fourth annual over-the-top endurance alleycat where the racers have 60 hours to visit the checkpoints of their choice all over Slovakia. FB: […]

CMWC 2024 – Call for bids

The IFBMA has been approached by messengers in Zurich interested in hosting CMWC in 2024. They will be presenting their bid at the Open Forum at CMWC ‘22 NYC. We are asking that any other cities interested in bidding contact us by the end of September, ‘22 so we have time to organise voting (at the Open Forum and online). Any cities interested in placing a bid can contact the IFBMA at With love, Your IFBMA Council Camilo (Bogotá), Cécile (Paris), Fred (Seattle), Joaquin (México), Josef (Stockholm), Kelly (Montréal), Leah (Toronto), Maria (Madrid) and Steph (London)

Sister City Alleycat 2022

As requested by popular demand..EXTENDED REGISTRATION DATE>>> The 7th Annual Sister City Cat <<<Fund raising for CMWC 2022 NEW YORK Sign up your city before June 15, 2022 by sending 10 euros to with note:– City name– Organiser contact person, address, zip code, and mobile number. So we can ship you merch. We will make lottery to pair the registered cities and announce on June 16, 2022 Race period from June 17 to July 31, 2022 Money can be raised from race, merchandise sales, beer sales… basically anything, as long as there’s some kind of race involved. All funds must be submitted by August 12, 2022 to New York. Lets do this! CMWC 2019 […]


Hello Bike messengers of the world. It has now been decided that the official online forum for discussing things, making decisions and helping the community move forward is here on this website.This forum can work as a complement to the open forums held at the messenger events. Please register and LOOK IN YOUR SPAM FOLDER for the confirmation e-mail. We will need people who are willing to take on the responsibility to moderate the discussions. Until everything is in place, please be extra careful to express yourself respectfully. We also are in great need for technical help, if anybody feels inclined – plus funding for the website that has been paid privately by Yogi for […]

CMWC 2022 New York City, USA

New York City is hosting the 28th edition of the cycle messenger world championship Ocutover 28-31, 2022for informationwebsite @cmwc.nycfacebook

In memory of Bega

Bega is one of the guys who just always seemed to be there. Always working for the community from organizing races to fighting for rights, to providing space for messengers and the community. He was always forward looking and challenged us to look ahead too. He was brilliant and dedicated. CMWC wouldn’t be what it is today without Shawn. He wanted the IFBMA and CMWC to be truly international and he reached out around the world to make that happen. He was always easy to find at a championships anywhere in the world. You could just go to the registration or results table or one of the checkpoints and you would find him volunteering. I […]

Proposal for CMWC 2022 in NYC

Hey everyone, we (the IFBMA council members) are in contact with Victor, who has come forward on behalf of NYC and proposed a bid for CMWC 2022 to be held early September 22. We are not here to decide whether this event should go ahead or not but we would like to spread this proposal further than a Facebook post on this page so the wider messenger community can be made aware of it and asks questions or voice their concern, like they would at an open forum. It sounds like Victor has already put a great deal of thoughts and efforts in this proposal. It’s great that some of you have attended NYC events […]