Open Forum

The nature of the open forum:

The open forum at a CMWC/NACCC/ECMC event shall take place at the beginning of the event.  This is to allow all prospective host cities an opportunity to put in their bid presentations, as well as to discuss items on the agenda.

As with all official IFBMA decisions, except for the ballot voting system, those reached at the open forum will be arrived at using the consensus methodThere are four possible responses to proposed decisions:



      – Self-explanatory.

Stand aside

      – You do not have an opinion, or do not feel well-informed enough to express an opinion.




      – You are not in agreement with the proposal, but do not feel strongly enough to block a decision. You have the right to explain why you disagree and have your disagreement registered.




    – You feel strongly enough to block the decision. There may be 99 people in agreement and you can still block a decision. This in essence is the difference between consensus decision making and so-called democratic process. However, with this right comes responsibility – it cannot be exercised frivolously or maliciously. To block you must provide an alternative proposal and give a coherent explanation of the reason for your block.

An agenda for the open forum shall be finalized no less than 1 week prior to the event, so that it may be posted on the IFBMA website as well as the IFBMA Facebook group.  This is in order to provide members with the chance to think about the issues therein prior to the open forum, and also to discuss them with other couriers, so that opinions can be represented to their fullest. This one week requirement is not for members wishing to promote events. The open forum is open for attendance by the membership of the IFBMA, who have taken the initiative to be a part of the decision-making process.