The By-laws of the IFBMA are as follows:

Section 1: Functions:

1.1. The IFBMA shall function primarily as a coordinating resource for the cooperative actions of local BMAs and individual messengers worldwide, and as a informational resource for more local actions.

1.2. The IFBMA shall have the responsibility of ensuring full communication on the organizational level between messenger communities. No member of the IFBMA shall hold any power other than that of a facilitator of information redistribution.

1.3. It shall be the responsibility of each IFBMA member to enact and take to as many messengers as possible the IFBMA mission statement:

1. To ensure the succesful realisation of an annual Cycle Messenger World Championships.

2. To foster a spirit of cooperation and community amongst bicycle messengers world-wide.

3. To promote the use of pedal power for commercial purposes.

1.4. The IFBMA shall be responsible for the publication of the CMC organizer’s guidebook both in hard copy and on-line, for circulation to potential CMC host cities.

1.5. The IFBMA shall take responsibility for working together with the CMC host cities to produce and distribute each year’s CMWC open forum agenda, and to distribute the open forum minutes to the attendees directly and to the membership by whatever means possible.

1.6. The IFBMA is not limited to actions concerning CMC events, but shall work together with local BMAs on any projects that local messengers and messenger communities deemed worthy of their time.

1.7. The IFBMA shall have no bureaucratic status above its members – it is not a committee or representative body of any kind, but a collection of those individuals and organizations willing to take a active part in promoting the development of the worldwide messenger community.

1.8. (rev. 09.2003) The CMWC Open Forum shall be the main decision-taking body of the IFBMA

1.8.1 The format of the CMWC Open Forum, and any other open forums shall follow the guidelines laid out in the document “The Nature of the Open Forum”.

1.8.2 In order to facilitate communication in the time between CMWC Open Forums, online open forums should happen at least once or twice a year, and their timing and agenda shall be announced one month in advance

1.8.3 (rev. 07.2004) In the event of issues that need decisions in a more immediate manner than the CMWC or online Open Forums may allow, The Council (see Section 3) has 2 options:

1.8.3a Proposals in need of rapid decisions may be made by the Council to the mailing list, with a 1-2 week period to solicit potential “blocks”, and then considered accepted as proposed if no blocking objections are given.

1.8.3a The Council may move without consensus from the mailing list in the case of immediately pressing issues (such as media relations or in support of local BMA activity).

1.8.3c In the event of such actions (especially the latter), the Council must report its actions to the mailing list in a timely manner.

1.9 (rev. 09.2003) The method by which the CMWC host city is selected is as laid out in the document “The Host City Selection Process”

Section 2: Membership and fees:

2.1. The general membership of the IFBMA shall consist of the members of the worldwide messenger community and their local Bike Messenger Associations (BMAs).

2.2. The active membership of the IFBMA shall consist of those members having attended an open forum at CMWC within the past 2 years.

2.3. The IFBMA shall collect funds from members by means of a suggested donation of $5 at the open forum, in lieu of a membership fee.

2.4. Active membership in the IFBMA shall entitle the individual to a voice in the yearly CMWC open forum, and to the ability to join in taking decisions on the CMWC issues discussed there. However, it is the individual members’ own responsibility to attend the open forum or secure a proxy vote/absentee ballot and claim their voice by active participation.

2.4.1. Proxy votes on the CMWC decision are accepted only from active IFBMA members who have attended the first of the 2 open forums, but will be unable to attend the second meeting. Such votes should be delivered to the facilitator prior to or during the second open forum.

2.5. The IFBMA shall levy a consulting fee on each year’s CMWC host city, in the amount of $1-5 per registrant (sliding scale at the discretion of the host city), in return for arranging the open forums, providing the CMC Organizer’s Guidebook, and other assistance.

2.6. The IFBMA shall also levy a proposal fee of $100 on each city bidding for a CMWC event, at the time of their initial (draft) proposal, 2 years in advance of the event being bid for. This fee will be refunded to cities who are unsucessful in securing the championships with their bid.

2.7. The IFBMA shall account for its income and spending to the worldwide messenger community on a yearly basis at the CMWC open forum, and upon reasonable request at any time from an active member.

Section 3: IFBMA Council (rev. 09.2003)

3.1 The IFBMA Council exists in order to deal officially and in a timely fashion with application and interpretation of the By-laws during the interim between Open Forums

3.2 The Council shall consist of no less than 3 members of the international messenger community, chosen by their peers at the Open Forum of each CMWC

3.3 The responsibilties of the Council shall include:

To assign tasks related to, and ensure the existence of a good open forum at CMWC

Issue statements of support for local BMA’s

Respond to press/media articles and reports, communicate with the press/media, and issue press releases

Maintain and archive IFBMA documents

Utilize the messenger email list to solicit comments before acting on anything