Initial CMWC Proposal (2 year lead time)

Requirements and Suggestions

(07 Dec 2005)

Basic Information

Assembling a winning proposal is an important step in bringing the CMWC to your city. Below you¹ll find the required elements of a Proposal as specified by the IFBMA, as well as a number of guidelines to aid you in your efforts. The guidelines and suggestions are not necessary for your Proposal; however this list has been compiled with the experiences of previous organizers and comes highly recommended.

Proposals are submitted 2 years in advance of your desired hosting year at the first Open Forum of the CMWC that year.

Required Elements

  • Your city must be represented at the Open Forum(s) of the CMWC. Representatives of your city must present your Proposal in person.
  • Have your Proposal prepared and ready in draft form before CMWC.
  • As per Section 2.6 of the by-laws of the IFBMA a $100.00USD fee is required with submission of your Proposal.
  • Know the IFBMA by-laws. It¹s an Open Forum so be ready for questions.
  • Bring with you something to distribute at the CMWC. A flyer or pamphlet to let everyone know your intentions. It¹s a chance to promote yourself and give the messengers something to look forward to.

Information required as part of your written Proposal

  • Your team, those persons who are willing to be responsible for the welfare of the whole event. It is necessary to have at least 8 organizers. These are the leaders of the volunteer army you will need for a successful CMWC.
  • Complete contact Information including email for yourself or designated contact.
  • Resume of past events held/organized by you and the members of your team.
  • Ideas of where the Main Race will be held. Securing a venue for the CMWC is something that is best worked toward as far in advance as possible. The first stage of attaining that goal is examining your possibilities.
  • A list of Events/Disciplines that you¹re considering in addition to the Main Race.
  • Tell us about your city! Let us know why it is special and why everyone should vote for you!

Suggested additional preparation / Guidelines

  • A letter from your Mayor or City Council.
  • A Logo
  • Anything that you can do now which will be required in the Bid. This will demonstrate the thought you¹ve already put into your effort.
  • Decide now what you will do if your Proposal fails. Will you try again next year? Decide what you will do if your Proposal is accepted and your Bid is not accepted. Will you have a Proposal ready at that time to try again? If you are not awarded the CMWC this time, careful planning can prevent your efforts from seeming wasted.
  • Talk to past organizers/city leaders if you can. The CMWC is a great place for meeting and greeting. There are many who will give you the advice you need.