2022 Events

While we’re waiting for the interactive calendar  to be up and running, here is a list of upcoming events. Join the forum to add to this list! We will try to update this post weekly. 7 – 10 July German Cycle Messenger Championships (DMFK) – Freiburg https://www.dmfk2022.de/ August 5 – 7 Italian Cycle Messenger Championships – Milano https://www.icmc.it/ 12 – 15 August Polish Cycle Messenger Championships – Gdansk https://m.facebook.com/events/224864689815378/?source=3&action_history=null 19 – 21 August Nordic Cycle Messenger Championships – Helsinki Follow on Instagram: ncmchelsinki August  26 – 29 Tour de Felvidék 2022 (Slovakia) The fourth annual over-the-top endurance alleycat where the racers have 60 hours to visit the checkpoints of their choice all over Slovakia. FB: […]

CMWC 2024 – Call for bids

The IFBMA has been approached by messengers in Zurich interested in hosting CMWC in 2024. They will be presenting their bid at the Open Forum at CMWC ‘22 NYC. We are asking that any other cities interested in bidding contact us by the end of September, ‘22 so we have time to organise voting (at the Open Forum and online). Any cities interested in placing a bid can contact the IFBMA at ifbmacouncil@gmail.com. With love, Your IFBMA Council Camilo (Bogotá), Cécile (Paris), Fred (Seattle), Joaquin (México), Josef (Stockholm), Kelly (Montréal), Leah (Toronto), Maria (Madrid) and Steph (London)