Spread the cost of your pet’s healthcare when you join The Healthy Pet Club

At firstvets, we believe looking after your much loved pet shouldn’t cost the earth. This is why we created The Healthy Pet Club to give you peace of mind that you can give your puppy, kitten, cat, dog or rabbit the best when it comes to their preventative health treatment. Doing the #BestForPets The Healthy Pet Club and MiPet Cover (pet insurance) have joined forces so we can all do the #BestForPets. Our goal is to help pet owners nationwide to ensure their beloved pets have access to all the tools they need to have lifelong health and wellbeing. The benefits We can offer the following exclusive benefits to help keep your pet happy and healthy: Annual vaccination (including Kennel Cough for dogs) – Protecting your pet from […]

CMWC Post Event in Krakow

Polish Cycling Messenger Championships 2011 will be held in Krakow between 5th to 7th of August. An opportunity to win another champion title as well as a chance to visit the previous capital of Poland.

Pre ECMC Bike Ride

For those of you crazy enough to ride across the desert in spain in late june, we’ve got you covered! we’re putting together a ride from barcelona to madrid (650km, leaving 26 june, hopefully arriving 30 june). we don’t have much more than a support van and a vague idea of the route, but stay tuned for more info!

CMWC 2012 Chicago USA

The Chicago Bid After the success of the 2008 North American Cycle Courier Championship in Chicago some of the organizers of that event sat down and had a serious talk about making a bid for hosting the CMWC in 2012. We won your vote in Guatemala and are prepared to make the 20th annual CMWC the best yet.  hearts.

Bike Messengers

Bicycle messengers (also known as bike or cycle couriers) are people who work for courier companies (also known as messenger companies) carrying and delivering items by bicycle. more…  http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Bicycle_messenger