ECMC 2020

As the new decennia is upon us, the international messenger family will gather in Basel to celebrate the 25th European Cycle Messenger championships. Since the last time the circus visited our fair city, a lot of things have changed in the industry and the world at large. Reflecting these changes, we have decided to dedicate a whole day for cargo racing and cultural activities on Saturday. We will do our utmost to make the event an inclusive, ecstatic celebration of our brothers and sisters on wheels. For Sunday we have the extraordinary opportunity to have the city center accommodating the main race. In the never ending quest to produce the most realistic test of messenger skills possible, the qualifiers and finals will make up for over six hours of racing. The new system we will put into place will have a dynamic component, meaning you will have to reroute on the fly. All this with regular plunges to the fresh Rhein river, meeting your old and new friends will hopefully make for a week-end that will leave you feeling exhausted, loved and confused. Until soon!”

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