Important Announcement Regarding CMWC 2022


After several conversations with the organizers of CMWC Bogotá, it has been decided that it will be impossible to hold the Cycle Messenger World Championships in Bogotá for the foreseeable future.

The messenger community in Chicago has volunteered to throw an event in 2022. The team had already been working towards a bid and feel prepared to host the world with only one year’s lead time. Given the logistical challenges of holding a bidding and voting process online, as well as the urgency of choosing a suitable host city, the IFBMA sees fit to grant Chicago the bid.

Yokohama has assured us that they will host the 2023 CMWC, which had previously been planned for 2021. Any prospective host cities will be able to present their bids in Chicago for 2024.

While any international event remains uncertain in these times, we hope we can look forward to coming together again at some point next summer.

With love, your IFBMA Council


We would like to inform the Bike Messenger Community that sadly CMWC 2022 won’t take place in Bogotá, Colombia.

Due to the Covid and social order issues the country is going through, we need to think about the wellbeing and security of the community and we don’t want to put you at risk. 2022 World Championships will happen in Chicago.


In collaboration with the IFBMA and CMWC Bogota we are proud to announce that the 2022 Cycle Messenger World Championships will be held in Chicago.

With the current state of political revolution in Columbia the organizers have decided to retract hosting in 2022 as it would be incredibly difficult to throw an event with such an uncertain trajectory that their country is facing at this time.

With that in mind Chicago finds itself in a unique position of being able to host an international event of this caliber. We understand this may constitute a change of expectations for many, and a change that may not have been expected. However it is our goal to ensure the international messenger community has a place to gather and call home for a week in 2022. We are humbled and excited to take on that responsibility for you all.

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