Proposal for CMWC 2022 in NYC

Hey everyone, we (the IFBMA council members) are in contact with Victor, who has come forward on behalf of NYC and proposed a bid for CMWC 2022 to be held early September 22.

We are not here to decide whether this event should go ahead or not but we would like to spread this proposal further than a Facebook post on this page so the wider messenger community can be made aware of it and asks questions or voice their concern, like they would at an open forum.
It sounds like Victor has already put a great deal of thoughts and efforts in this proposal. It’s great that some of you have attended NYC events in the past and support fully his endeavour.
Others have never set foot in NYC and might be pissed that the whole allocation of a world championship is decided on the hoof in a Facebook post.
With less than 6 months to go to potentially organise and advertise this event, waiting for confirmation on the race course and allocation of funds is a minimum requirement.

For those who asked who is the IFBMA, why do NYC need the IFBMA consent etc..

IFBMA Mission Statement

  1. To ensure the successful realization of an annual Cycle Messenger World Championships.
  2. To foster a spirit of cooperation and community amongst bicycle messengers worldwide.
  3. To promote the use of pedal power for commercial purposes.

The IFBMA council members usually organise the open forum at CMWC as well as the voting for the next CMWC 2 years ahead (if more than one city comes forward with a bid), give update on messenger events worldwide and assist as much as possible those who undertake the organisation and hosting of the CMWC.

The present council members at present are:
Leah / Toronto, Kelly / Montreal, Joaquin / Mexico City, Josef / Stockholm, Fred Marshall / Seattle, Stephanie / London, Maria / Madrid , Cecile / Paris/Lausanne and a couple of others.

So keep your cycling caps on and don’t shoot the messenger who’s trying to deliver the message.

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