Regarding Chicago

Following the confusion from some members of the Chicago messenger community after the announcement of Chicago taking on the organisation of CMWC 2022 and the anger that some expressed at Collin being in a position of leadership, here’s a statement from the members of the IFBMA council.

We are deeply sorry for any confusion, frustration and anger that the last few days have caused anyone. It goes without saying that it wasn’t our intention. However we understand the need for further clarity.

The IFBMA reached out to the organizers of CMWC Bogotá through their official channels in order to get an update on the situation. This is an update that is generally provided at the championships that happen the year prior. We asked the people we got in touch with to provide an update, as outlined in the CMWC guidelines. The organizers told us they would produce all the necessary information, however a week later at our scheduled meeting, they opened by saying that Bogotá was not prepared to host a world championship in the foreseeable future.

Meanwhile, Collin had reached out to members of the IFBMA with a proposal of hosting a stand-in championship. He assured us that he had a solid team of people and a race course which was virtually already locked in. We discussed the fact that there would be little time for cities to put together a bid on a whim, make their case, for us to host mass online voting internationally all while giving said city enough time to get through the lengthy logistical process of finding and booking a race-course, getting insurance, finding party locations, not to mention dealing with what are sure to be the continued particularities of throwing an international event during a prolonged pandemic.

One thing must be made clear – no one who was part of this process was aware of the standing allegations against Collin. The IFBMA was led to believe that there was a fair bit of community support for the plan.

Collin has now stepped down from the organizing committee of the CMWC. The IFBMA will be in communication with the remaining organizers of the event in order to try to help in any ways we can with the organization of a championship event. The unprecedented situation the world has found itself in left the great possibility that we would go 3 years without a championship, meaning many people in our international messenger community would likely never have the chance to attend such an event.

We acted with urgency which we felt was necessary. In retrospect, more time and more care should have been taken in order to ensure that the proper choices and steps were being made.

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